District 10                                                           


Phone: 919-792-5350
Email: GAL.District10@nccourts.org
Primary Address: 316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC 27601 (see map)
Counties Covered: Wake

Upcoming Training & Events

New Virtual New Volunteer and Inservice Training are underway. Check our latest newsletter using the link below or contact the local program for details.


Wake County Guardian ad Litem December 2021 Newsletter

More from our GAL Volunteer Advocates

“I have found that my role as a GAL indeed fulfills my desire to help others. I am a “newbie” GAL, having just started in late 2018, however, I have witnessed and truly understand how valuable my role is. Each person involved in my GAL children’s case has a different perspective; however, I serve as the voice of children who cannot speak for themselves” – Jefferone Thompson GAL Volunteer Advocate Wake County Since 2018.

"GAL volunteers are referred to as the “voice of the child” and have a mandate to “promote and protect the best interests” of the children and youth to which we have been appointed. During this pandemic that mandate does not go away, but achieving it becomes a bit trickier and requires a little more creativity. Thankfully, technology provides us the ability to remain strong advocates for our children, youth and their families or caretakers while practicing physical distancing”- Catherine Joyner NC GAL Volunteer Advocate Wake County Since 2001

“Being a Wake County Guardian ad Litem for 15 years remains one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  In those 15 years, I have seen several children reunited with their families. I have also seen several families created through adoption. I saw a mother kick a decade long substance abuse addition to get her children back. I have gotten a text from an adoptive parent that said only, “Our adoption decree just came in the mail!” I have had lots of kids proudly show me around their new rooms, pointing out their books and toys. I have seen Kindergarten graduation and summer camp photos and felt a part of all my GAL children’s lives. I am very proud of the tiny role I have played in the lives of a handful of children through the Wake County Guardian ad Litem Program.  I hope some of them learned from me, a fraction of what I learned from them.”
—First Lady Kristin Cooper, Advocating Since 2004

“Getting to know and advocate for my assigned GAL children has been the greatest reward I could have asked for through volunteering.”
—Jared Simmons, Advocating Since 2016

"As a GAL, I have adjusted to the restrictions of COVID-19 by having frequent virtual visit and contact with my assigned children, their caregivers, family members, and social worker to better understand the children’s needs and status Having multiple perspectives help me to reduce the fear of overlooking or missing changes that may adversely affect the children. I try to listen to the mood and tone of the conversations (non-physical cues) to identify concerns. It is amazing how we compensate for our inability to physically be with the children. Having made these adjustments, I do not see these newly honed skills as disappearing when we return to the “new normal”. Our sense of awareness to the non-visual cues – listening and sensing active conversations – will remain. I look forward to moving on to the “new normal” but especially to once again see the excited smile and feel a warm hug from the very young children I represent” – Julie Skipper GAL Volunteer Advocate Wake County- Since 2019

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