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Primary Address: 176 East Salisbury Street, Suite 106 Asheboro, NC 27203 (see map)

Counties Covered: Randolph


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My GAL Story

A Journey to Permanency



     Being an advocate is always putting the best interest of the child or children first and foremost. It is holding the child or children’s wishes close to your heart but understanding that their wishes are not always in their best interest. Advocacy is like receiving pieces of a puzzle in a folder and given responsibility to put “the puzzle” together. Know your case and all its pieces. Advocacy is standing strong in your recommendations and knowing that there will be days when your recommendations will not be that of others. There will also be days when your recommendations will be challenged. Trust your gut. It is right most of the time. Persevere. You know your case better than anybody. Never Give Up! It’s worth the time and effort!  Remember YOU are the voice of the child! I can say this because I just recently advocated for a sibling group for many months with recommendations that were challenged by every other party in the case, but I knew through my thorough investigation and my gut that it was the right thing to do. After 21 months of zealous advocacy my recommendation for permanency was accepted by the court.


---Tina Collins-Randolph Co. GAL










“The most rewarding part of being a NC GAL is knowing I had a part in helping children to know and to feel secure, wanted, and loved; whether it be reuniting them with their family or a new family. It’s securing a future for a child”

----- Tina S- Randolph County Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Advocate










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