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Phone: 828-682-4754
Email: GAL.District24@nccourts.org
Primary Address: 115 Mitchell Branch Road, Burnsville, NC 28714 (see map)
Satellite Address: Avery County Courthouse, 200 Montezuma Street, Room 201A, Newland, NC 28657 (see map)
Counties Covered: Avery, Madison, Mitchell, Watauga, Yancey

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05/05/2020 - Yancey

08/25/2020- Watauga County 

09/22/2020 Watauga County




Margaret is a dedicated member of the community and working with children is her passion. In her words, “This is OUR community. These are OUR children. Who in this community has not been touched by knowing one or more of the children in foster care in Yancey County? We all know friends and relatives, grandparents and complete strangers who have stepped up to open their home to a displaced child”.

Margaret has shared her tremendous support and appreciation of the GAL program: “Being a Guardian ad Litem means being part of a group of community volunteers who work together to protect foster children as they move through the legal system toward ‘forever homes’. We work in cooperation with families, the Courts, DSS caseworkers, schools, service providers and most importantly, the children themselves. Because This is OUR community. And these are OUR children. We know that children need stability and security to thrive.

Margaret aims to be a leader in the community and hopes to inspire others to join in one working to create a better future for our children, “ Children who come into foster care because of abuse, neglect or dependency in the home are our domestic refugees. They are

separated, often traumatically, from their parents. They are victims of forces greater than themselves and, like refugees, the community must step in to protect them. They are placed under the authority of the Courts and are placed with extended family members, professional

foster families, or group homes while parents work toward reunification. Their lives change; often drastically, sometimes forever”. Understanding the importance of creating a welcoming and supportive structure for children is only a fraction of the work Peirce does.

One of the longest-serving GAL volunteers in the community, Margaret has extensive knowledge and experience with the benefits of the GAL program. Margaret, in her own words describes the need for additional volunteers to join the program, “Everyone agrees that children “belong” with their families. But returning home is often not possible when parents cannot overcome domestic violence, drug dependency, or mental illness. Foster children who cannot be reunified with their parents are eventually guided toward a permanent form of exile: adoption. But however long it takes for a foster child to find their “forever home” the Guardian ad Litem

Program remains an advocate for that child until their journey is completed. The program gives us, as a community, a way to help our most vulnerable children in a real and meaningful way”. Pierce works not only to advocate for children that are involved in the GAL program, but she also aims to spend her time encouraging others to join in the fight for healthy, happy families in our community.


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