District 5                                                          


Phone: 910-343-5360
Email: GAL.District05@nccourts.org
Primary Address: 320 Chestnut Street, Suite 618, Wilmington, NC 28401 (see map)
Counties Covered: New Hanover, Pender

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“I continue to work with GAL to represent children from homes of abuse and neglect who do not have a voice, so that I can be that voice for them!  It is not as hard as it might look and it is worth it to give it a try. You can do it! There are so many children in the system and they just need so much help. DSS is always overloaded with cases and because we only have a couple cases at a time we get the opportunity to really spend time on the case and get to know the child or children and their situation. Being a GAL has given my life something that it needed and I am thankful for it!” ~Nancy Brudney


“Being a GAL has opened my eyes to situations that I myself have never had to experience. I have learned to be forgiving but also bold. You have to have a lot of people skills. You cannot be shy, you have to be able to say something. You have to be able to fight for the children because they cannot do it by themselves. We ask a lot of the parents and so when one improves themselves in order to regain custody of their child, it can be quite remarkable. A happy ending is when a child is in a better, safer and more loving environment.

               I am proud to be a part of Guardian ad Litem. It is a wonderful organization with a wonderful staff. Everyone is so supportive and are a very strong group of people, even the other guardians.” ~Betsy Riviere


“The mentors, veteran GALs, and supervisors were all so informative and helpful. It really is a great community of people. I love how many people have come together to volunteer their time for these kids!” ~Jordyn Zimmerman


“My best memories during this time have been those where small and consistent acts of caring and competence made a difference in a child’s chance for permanence. In our work, it is often these deliberate, incremental steps that mitigate the effects of bad decisions by adults in the child’s life. I continue to volunteer because I only have this one life and I embrace the chance to make it meaningful by serving children.” ~Mary Ann Torres


“I continue to volunteer because it is so rewarding.  Like no other endeavor.  It can be very emotional at times and cases always don't turn out as you like, however, we always improve the situation - just to different degrees.” ~Denny Smith





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